Author Topic: How to take a screenshot of your payment proof and post it in the forums.  (Read 348 times)

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How to take a screenshot of your payment proof and post it in the you can keep your personal information safe and know how to do it.
On Windows: Ctrl+Alt and the Print Screen Button. Then look in all programs for “Windows Accessories” and find “Paint”. Double click to open then press the Ctrl+V button to paste the screenshot to create an image. But first your going to edit the screenshot by covering up any information that you may not want to be public such as the transaction id on Paypal or your email address. Paint has pen tools, or shape tools with fill color options to easily cover things.
On Mac:,it%20to%20edit%20the%20screenshot
To  edit your screen shot on Mac we suggest Gimp it’s free image editing software: works on Windows too better then Paint cheaper then Photoshop, open source.

Android: coming soon

Please NOTE Staff will remove any screenshot containing such information as or forums are public and we don’t want this to be a place for bad people to be coming to try and harvest such information. We will make edit and post again. If you need help we can help you.