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We have been having a Forum Spam Issue

Started by MrRuste, March 22, 2020, 03:14:36 PM

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Hellos everyone it's your wonderful administrator/owner of the Rutakus company and this forum. I'm aware of the spam issue and I( do have a staff member to help out and I'm here as well. But sorry it going to happen. The anti-spam plugin I was using no longer work with the new version of the forum script. I working on another option at the moment but at this time current solution doesn't do that great.

Now you spammers my company is working on start something new and innovative to catching your guys so thank you for some sort of information back up on to my servers. The Better Humans bureau.

Anyone if you fee the need please your report spammers not caught by us to an administrator such as myself or moderator. 


I'm still working very hard on keeping the spam down. I'm currently working to start a small project on taking down spammers and creating a blacklist Project Better Humans Bureau anti-spam project. As this idea is till in the works part of any donations received will help off set our running cost. Right now we are reporting and banning all current spammers to all other major blacklisted and honeypots such as stop forum spam.

You want to help we accept many options but easy option is $BAT donations to Brave. Here is our forums post and a Brave download link for you to give it a try: or if you are a customer of our business you are already supporting this project so thank you to all who already support us.
Project started "Rutakus" main partner: Better Humans Bureau anti-spam project 5-9-2020

Today I'm just getting tired of all the spam.


I'm working on a project where my business and I are going to help prevent spammers as well as take them down. At the moment I working on gathering funds as well as looking for those ho would like to be part of this team I having a pretty big list gathered thus far but first working on the other aspects on my business and ideas so I can make a living for an idea(s) that cares. So at this time I'm going to be allocating 1% of all sales transactions are going to this idea from my network advertising sites You can find them under the Peetree Ad network forum boards.

What do you guys think about all the spam and spammers?