BAT Token Donations Accepted and Through Brave Browser (support Us)

Started by MrRuste, January 26, 2020, 01:27:50 PM

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Hello everyone, I'm the owner and admin of this forum which is part of my network. But to help off set our cost we accept donation for this forum that can be done through the Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token project. So if you donate some BAT through Brave go a head and post here as we will make note of it.

Hopefully soon additional features but your donation can get you benefits throughout my entire network and as well as my business like discounts and stuff.

Thanks for reading and if you donated thank you very much. Don't forget to post here every time you do so through Brave and for the forums.


Hello everyone as I'm bumping this post by adding something new to this as our work force is going to start growing. Now if you donate/tip us with BAT tokens or want to tip us other way that fine., But my goal is to create extra income for our employees by all tips/donations will be split with all employees once a month. Only tip us if you think we did well.

I'm working on a transparency boards in the forums which tippers get access to. Right now I have decided on all the thing I will share but once the forum has been structured and done I plan on posting all the times each site has been back up. I might even post how many cheaters are caught or inactives accounts are cleared out of the system. Note our activity policy is 3 years of inactivity and accounts can be full restored. Now this goes for all Peetree Ad Network sites as well not just the forums. See Peetree Ad Network sites here: