Surf Contest for 2-5-2021 to 2-12-2021

Started by MrRuste, February 05, 2021, 02:01:55 AM

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Hello everyone I'm have a small surf contest this week. I'm going to try and hold more contest such as these more often. But this contest will last for one week from today 2-5-2021 until 2-12-2021 and you must have at least 50 site surf this week to be a pert of it.

First place will get $2.00 add to commissions balance, Second place $1.50 into commission balance and 3rd place a $1.00. I will pay and announce the winners the next day.


Hello everyone our contest has ended with only one winner as only one person had had at least 50 hits during the contest to qualify. But I gave everyone who at least was active a penny. ($0.01) to their account commission balance. One person got $2.00 add to their account.

Now I will be holding this contest again and same prizes and rules you must have at least 50 clicks/views in your account during the contest in order to qualify for the commission balance cash prizes to make this worth our time and help our site grow.
This contest starts today 2-13-2021 and ends on Feb 19, 2021

Thanks for reeading.


I will be announcing the winners for 2-13-2021 to Yesterday 2-19-2021 later today or tonight guys I'm sorry I got called in to work and at the moment don't have enough time before I go in to check as I'm doing server backups right before I head in.


Ok as I had stated this morning I have took a look this evening after I got off work and only one member surfed at all this last week contest so instead of the I have given this person $5.00 to their commission balance and this contest has end and I will be locking this thread. I'm going to create a new thread to start using and having weekly surf contests. But with smaller rewards as that activity for my big surf contest hasn't not been what it should be to make it more cost effective for this site. So these bigger contest are going to be much less for a bit until there seem to be more activity. Thank you all wh have been active in site and in our contest thus far. I hope to have this site going more.

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