Working On Adding Piggybank To Our site.

Started by MrRuste, March 09, 2021, 07:35:34 PM

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Hello everyone so you may or may not notice new thing right now but more for the future as I have started working on adding the Piggybank addon to the site after I bought it the other day to have more payment methods on the site then what comes default on Rutakus Pixel Te's script. So I will be using this thread to up that status on my work on this and I will be doing some other work while working on this as I'm doing my best to help site anjd my network grow and with this whole covid thing it's been super hard. But I've been working the whole time during this pandemic and I work a lot but will be getting some more time to do things.

But I would like you guys to report issues and buyg pertaining to this PiggyBank addon once I get it working in the front end of the site.
Thank you guys for reading.


Piggy Bank has been add and currently have Skrill and Uphold.  I'm working on adding AirTm, Coinbase and some other. I will looking into making the current settings a bit better as well. Sorry that is seems like things are going slow. For those that don't know I work full time 6 days a week at another job and run a bunch of other sites. Currently a one person team but working on getting help. But I am kicking things up a notch but right we are the middle of a server move. I'm just configuring the new server before things are moved over.


So during our server move our piggy bank setting had to be reset while troubleshooting and been having to manually re-add everything.

So I added AirTm today get account here:

Skrill and Coinbase had been there for a bit. I plan on re-adding Uphold and I'm also working on adding Valora wallet soon as well.