Author Topic: I have decided not to import old forum posts  (Read 1293 times)

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I have decided not to import old forum posts
« on: May 09, 2020, 12:53:06 PM »
Hello everyone MrRuste here. For those that don't know I'm the owner of this forums and all the websites that have a support forums here, .i.e. Offers And Clicks, Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, Biotech Simulation Clicks,Rutakus Pixel TE and Rutakus Pixel Ads site. Anyways, for those that have been members of the sites for a while now we used to have a different forums. for all the sites and what not. I was going to import old forum posts but I have decided not too after I imported a few. There really wasn't any important post in the first place but for those who may have posted before sorry if this is an inconvenience but as a one person team at this current time I already have a lot on my plate and being that at my other job I still working as I'm considered an essential employee. I have ask for some help from a few people who haven't done anything yet and I'm about to take away their powers as I need people who would like to see this company succeed be part of my staff. So right now the forum posts import isn't cost effective for me to do at time moment plus not all old user have created a forum profile yet.

Thank you
Russ (CEO/Owner) [MrRuste]
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