Big Surf Contest May-July 2020

Started by MrRuste, May 14, 2020, 04:33:25 PM

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Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay for posting this topic but we are having another surf contest. I'm probably going to be doing a lot of these but I may change it up a bit but for right now I'm trying to increase active on the site as with all the Covid-19 stuff going on we have been struggling a bit and being that I the owner and at the moment the only person doing everything on the entire network of websites. Plus as most of our state is shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic I have still been working as I'm an essential employee at my other job. This being said I working on make my own company more sustainable as far as being able to provide any level of services or have parts of my company. But I'm not ready to make those announcements. But my current announcement beside the surf contest is I'm getting ready to launch something called Better Humans' Society/Better Humans' Bureau ( and part of this idea is to help make the online earning industry better maybe even the possibility of helping honest members get recovery or legal defense against scammers or bring scammers to justice. This is only part of it. I'm not sure how well this will work but there is more this idea Better Humans Society for a better world. But enough of that.
So, back to our big surf contest for May-July 2020. First, prizes will be added to your commission's account balance. To be part of the contest you must just surf websites on our traffic exchange ( at the end of the contest cash will be added to winners balances as stated above. It's almost two months so members with the most surfs. I will be give participation awards too. The prizes are 1st place $10, 2nd place $5 and 3rd place $3. I will try and post updates in the forums as to the most surfs in numbers if you want your username listed if you in the lead send us an email other wise we will not list your username in our forum post if you're placed in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd. We will also list how many are in the contest thus far but please remember I'm the only person here running things at the moment and I work at another job still i.e. I'm an essential sacrifice (worker). Plus, still a lot of work in the background as well in our network and working on site designs as well. But anyways thanks for reading and support thus far. More awesomeness coming soon.


Contest Update: 5-30-2020

Current standings (only clicks will be shown for member for privacy on public board. unless member states otherwise they want to be listed by contacting us)

1. TeamJR with 689 clicks
2. wizardclicker with 100 clicks
3. (username hidden by privacy) with 75 clicks


I'm extending the contest to give more people a change to win. The contest will end on 7-31-2020 at 12:00am I will update posts as needed. Sorry guys just super busy and working on getting more  traffic to the site. So far it seem if I got the spammers under control at the moment.


Hello everyone, So our contest has end and kind of sad that there wasn't alot of activity so from now on I won't be announcing the end date of a contest until there is enough people participating in contests.

But here are the winners for this contest

1. Teamjr 785 clicks
2. wizardclicker 100 clicks
3. (username hidden by privacy) 75

And I will say I also gave another user whois name is also (username hidden by privacy) $3.00 with 50 clicks.
Thank you to all who were active.