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!!Advertisers!!! Start Here Please

Started by MrRuste, May 04, 2021, 12:09:18 AM

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Hello awesome Advertisers of our network ( and welcome to the advertiser start forum post to help you get around the forums and what a not. Most of you are not going to go beyond this advertisers support forum boards but things you will learn is used throughout the forums but if you decide to become a active member of this community awesome. Thanks for joining. I am MrRuste (or Russ) and I'm the owner creator of this forums and the entire network/company thus far since the time of this post.

So first before you begin make sure you have read the rules of the forums here:

Second this thread is locked and only staff are able to post here but we are going this build this thread to be your reference for all the useful information scatter throughout the forums that maybe useful to you, the advertiser.
Third piece of info is this is a public forums so be careful what you post our staff usually good about catching info and removing it before hand but please done make extra work for our staff. If you need private support or issues with payments please use our support ticket system here:

Stuff you can ask for or find help with is credit, bugs in any of our systems issues adding/uploading/send asset and so on. You may also find your question answered in this forum board as well.

Thanks for reading and we will add things and update things as needed.

By the way I'm still doing a lot of work in the network so I'm sorry there mush here yet. 5-3-2021