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Forum Game Time Rules (READ BEFORE PLAY HERE)

Started by MrRuste, April 13, 2022, 03:19:02 PM

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Hello everyone and welcome to the forum game time rules which is a place to have post type of games such as a sentence or story game a bit more fun and to make sure a forum game creates community activity.

1. All forum games must comply with our forum rules list here:
2. All forum game posts must stay on game topic to keep the game thread flowing, no off topic chatter as there is a lot of places in the forum for that already.
3. No one word games, discussion forum games must have some content.
4. No double games if a game thread already exists please don't create a new thread/forum top for the same game.

Forum game time rules can be updated from time to time.
Last updated 4-13-2022