Music by me Ru-kun Rutakus (MrRuste Music) (CEO/Creator/Owner's music)

Started by MrRuste, June 24, 2022, 01:04:48 AM

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Hello everyone visiting this thread and this thread will be for my music and a place to discuss my works. First I will say that I like almost all music but for the purpose of this thread and music I make under the Ru-kun Rutakus name is that of EDM style and other electronic music genres/sub-genres, so if you are not in to this styles of music this thread is probably not for you. If you like this style of music please fee free to join in and comment. Now I make my music under my label Productions Of The Human Mind: currently in the process of launching.

Now this first song is a song of my latest album I'm currently working on and will be released soon. The album will be called Loffa and this track is called Rutakus-extended (Loffa Album Cut) check it out on my Youtube for music here:


My single I finish while back called "Queen" by me Ru-kun Rutakus (MrRuste):