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Advertising Pricing

Started by MrRuste, July 22, 2022, 04:18:05 PM

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Don't want to join our sites in our network but want to advertise still. That's ok we still have a way you can advertise on our sites and network. Contact Us on our support ticket system here: We will accept Paypal, Skrill, Airtm, and most major crypto currencies.


  • Rutakus Pixel TE (traffic exchange): website hits start at 1000 hits for $1.00, 10000 Text Ad Impressions for $1.50, and Banner Ad impressions for $1.50.
  • Epic PTC, Atomic PTC & Offers And Clicks websites: Website hits (paid to clicks credit) starting at $0.85 for 500 credits 8 sec ads[more time can be added], Text ad impressions start at $1.50 for 25000 credits, Banner impressions starting at $1.50 for 25000 credits, Link Ad credits starting at $0.50 for 30 days unlimited impressions, Login ad banners with unlimited impressions for either $2.00 for 15 days or $4.00 for 30 days, and Fixed PTC ads (unlimited visits per day) [7 day 8 sec ad for $6.25 8 sec ad,  14 days 8 sec ad for $12.50, 30 day 8 sec ad for $25.00, and 1 year 8 sec ad for $500.
  • Offers And Clicks has a traffic exchange as well with the price starting at 5000 website visits at $0.50
  • Biotech Simulation Clicks: Website hits paid to click credits starting at 1000 for $0.25 for a 5 sec ad)(more time can be added), 30 day login ad unlimited banner impression for $1.50, Banner impressions starting at 150000 starting $1.25, Text Ad impression starting at $1.25 for 1500000 credits, and Link ads start at $0.10 per 30 days with unlimited impressions.
  • Now you can add $0.25 to your orders for us to provide your with weekly updates on your ad performance/etc until the advertisement has been completed/finished.