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Introduction To the Owner/Creator/CEO

Started by MrRuste, June 01, 2020, 03:00:45 AM

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Hello everyone,
My name is Russell you all can call me Russ or Ruste or just MrRuste. I am the owner and creator of this forum, the websites and business. I have been doing this business since 2010 started as just computer repair then slowly building my business the the ideas behind it into what it is today and now going forward time is to step it up a notch and getting thing really going as I believe my ideas can help and beneficial to all good people. More or less I'm just tired of businesses treating employees like garbage and more or less like a number or like right now with the #Covid19 stuff the term sacrifice comes out. I have been working at my other job the whole time while my state has been look down as getting the place I work cleaned up. I don't mind it but I'm just done as I now that I can create something much more beneficial for society not just the country my business and I are located.

Anyways, I have a 4 year degree majored software systems engineering and minor in business management. I got disabled in 2012 after a car accident where I'm in pain all the time and have back and spine issues and sometimes have issues sitting but I do my best to maintain and my medicine helps. I like to game on PC, PS1,2,3,4 Xbox360/one and you guys get the drift. But alos like other more nerdier things like anime, manga/comics, figure, Dr. Who, Firefly, Game of Thrones and I mean a crap load of stuff that would be long winded for one post.  Now I also like computer and technology and like fixing things. More or less this kind of like doing a wide variety of things which is why I'm in the process of working the business towards a "of all trade" service type of company. I also make music mainly electronic style music but I like to make whatever sounds good. Right now with software such as FL Studio or Rebirth2.0. I used to play cello when i was young I almost thing I might want to start playing again and maybe add in into the music I make in FL Studio.

Anyways that is it for me at the moment it's late here like almost 2am and I got to work in the morning Later and thanks for reading.