Has Been Disabled Once Again

Started by MrRuste, August 26, 2022, 04:39:20 PM

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Hello everyone and how is it going? Hopefully well. I'm here to post that we have once again disabled payment/payout options as they keep blocking my country which is the United States and don't see any reason for it being that many other crypto exchanges/payment processing work just fine in the United States.

With this being said we will not longer be supporting coinpayments in any way though we had never even got a chance to use such a garbage service that keeps blocking my country. My suggestion to you all is hardware wallets are the best way to go. But if needed there is alot of legit digital asset exchanges that are legit. One even based in my country and was one of the first to be listed in the stock exchange.

Either way we will not use any payment processing we can't verify or that blocks a country such as the United States.