We are doing some early Spring Cleaning

Started by MrRuste, March 10, 2021, 07:35:04 PM

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Hello everyone how are all doing today? So as some of you may know I'm a pretty busy guy and I work full time 6 days a week at my other job and don't have a lot time to get things done in the past year with the Covid19 pandemic and not knowing if my business was going to fail or not. So we bee staying a float and I've been doing some major cleaning in the back end of all the sites on our network. For those who don't know we are Peetree Ad Network (www.peetreeadnetwork.com). So with this being said I had started clearing out all the suspended accounts and all cheater Ip addresses have been added in our block list and other accounts suspended for failed to deliver email address. All suspended accounts cleared out with no activity for 3 years. We gave everyone well over enough time to challenge their suspended accounts which we believe is fair. Now next on the list is to clear out dead links with no credits in mainly on our Traffic Exchange as our PTC/GPT site remove them automatically after so long. But either way somethings we have to manually clean out and somethings are automatic. Suspended accounts are one that don't get deleted for inactivity. But as we always say we here at Peetree Ad Network do our best to back up our data so as we have stated in other forum post and other areas. If your account is deleted for inactivity you can contact us to restore it. Our activity policy is longer then others with 3 years of inactivity your account is automatically deleted. Now if you were suspended for failed to deliver emails then you must give us a working email and then your account can be restored.
Anyways, thanks for reading I will be keeping this forum thread open in case any of you have questions.