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Started by MrRuste, June 09, 2022, 02:42:10 PM

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Hello everyone and welcome to our internet browser support thread meaning the internet browser to work best with our site and what we support.

The first I will say is the one issue common in all browsers is once in a while you need to clear your cache, cookies, and temporary files. Maybe running something a ccleaner then rebooting computer. Also make sure if you have an ad blocker to disable in on our site as you will be unbale to use the site with it enabled.

Now for the Internet Browser list

Best Browser(s) Most Recommended

1. Firefox

Browsers that work mostly with the site, with slight issues
1. Google Chrome
2. Brave Browser
3. Cryptotab Browser
4. Internet Explorer
5. Edge

List last updated 6-9-2022

Now you guys can discuss and talk about issues you may come across and maybe we can find some work arounds. Now I the owner/creator/CEO use both Firefox, Brave and Cryptotab myself at this moment in time, but plan on testing out other browser here soon. Thanks for reading