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Invalid License Key network wide on websites Running EvolutionScript

Started by MrRuste, October 17, 2023, 08:31:59 PM

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I'm so sorry guys about the "Invalid License Key" on all my sites running EvolutionScript. i.e EpicPTC, AtomicPTC, Biotech Simulation Clicks and Offers And Clicks. This should have never happened as I own the Ultimate License which is a life license with 99% open source for developers like me. Now all my sites still show on EvolutionScript's license verification tool that we hold legal licenses.

So as of right now I not sure what is going on but I had submitted a support ticket to EvolutionScript on this issue. Hopeful they answer as told them I not happy as this really hurt my business and I know some people are at payout and might have requested but I didn't see anything before I left to work at my other job this morning. But don't guys I will hopefully has this fixed soon. It pretty much EvolutionScripts fault and at this moment nothing I can do. I spent over $1000 on my license and addons for theses four sites.

Now my traffic exchange is still up never had an issue what so ever, LFMTE script is freaking great. That why I signed up as a reseller for LFMTE script.

Anyways you can come a complain here I guess as if you don't or do I can't control you but I am trying to get this fix. Thanks for reading.