LFMTE Admin Partner Lifetime Membership Explained & information

Started by MrRuste, February 10, 2024, 01:08:20 PM

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Hello members. Here in this thread, you will find all the information about our upgraded membership called LFMTE Admin Partner Membership (Comes With LFMTE Script and Lifetime membership) on Offers And Clicks. Most information as far as referral earning can be found on purchase upgrade on the Offers And Clicks website.

This membership comes with LFMTE script which is a traffic exchange website script. LFMTE script price is $147 and is included in the membership price. The script requires a domain name and web hosting. You will get 2 months of web hosting through our host at no extra cost after the 2 months you can set up monthly billing hosting through our host or find a different web host. Our web host website: https://www.organichhs.com/. You can also order a domain name through our web host or find one elsewhere.

The hosting package you get to start with is one called Beginner High Traffic/Marketing/Advertising Hosting (Linux/Cpanel) on our host and has the following. Our web hosting supports script and meets all server requirements.
1.25 GB
Disk Space Quota

13 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Limit

Max FTP Accounts

Max Email Accounts

Max SQL Databases


We will message and email you with your Offers And Clicks account info once you get closer to the end of your free 2-month of web hosting with your membership.

Server requirements for your own hosting
QuoteServer Requirements for running the script:

PHP 7.4

Required PHP Modules:
GD Library
ionCube Loaders v10.2 or later
TTF (FreeType)
Zip Extension

PHP Configuration Requirements:
allow_url_fopen enabled
Zend OPcache disabled
PHP Handler: suphp
PHP-FPM disabled
Suhosin disabled

MySQL 5.7 (or lower) or MariaDB

MySQL V 8.X will cause issues and is not supported as of yet.

Recommended Version: MariaDB 10.3

The default cPanel configuration should work if using MariaDB 10.3. If using MySQL or a different MariaDB version, the following changes may be required to your settings:
strict_trans_tables disabled
only_full_group_by disabled

If you need help installing or setting up your traffic exchange, it can be done for additional fees.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread.