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 I will be extending the contest due to us having some down time and issues while we are in the middle of a server moved

The contest will end June 18, 2021
Forum News/Announcements/Rules / Re: We are in the Process of moving servers
« Last post by MrRuste on May 30, 2021, 12:57:01 AM »
OK so rutakuspixel sites including this forum has been moved back to old server for the time being.

For those that don't know we are working on being more environmentally sustainable business and with this work on being hosting on servers with companies with like minded stances on this issue and we also only want to start selling web space on environmentally friendlier servers as well. And we need a bigger server anyways for more client site being hosted on the our server.
Forum News/Announcements/Rules / Re: We are in the Process of moving servers
« Last post by MrRuste on May 28, 2021, 09:39:13 AM »
Hellos everyone we are still having some issues with the server move and I have moved some of the sites back to old server sadly as I would like to be able to get rid of the old server and start moving to be more of a sustainable business as we are looking at sustainable webhosting for our company site and to sell for web hosting.

So far I have moved and back to the old server. More soon as I get off work at my other job.
Forum News/Announcements/Rules / We are in the Process of moving servers
« Last post by MrRuste on May 22, 2021, 05:40:46 PM »
Hello everyone so some of you may have noticed some downtime and some issues on some of the site that I'm currently working on solving most sites have been moved at this point. one I believe hasn't in the Peetree Ad Network. So if you guy find any issues please let me know here, old server is still online not for much longer so I'm working trying to get this done as fast as possible. Thanks for those who find stuff.

Current issues I know of

Rutakus pixel TE keeps logging you out
OffersAndClicks,m Epic pTC and Atomic PTC might be having issues with ptc ad section.

Edit 5-25-2021 Sorry I'm still working on this and have limited access on new server which makes things harder
We are having a small little Referral Contest May 8, 2021 to May 31, 2021

1st place $2.00
2nd place $1.50
3rd place $1.00
Rutakus Pixel Traffic Exchange Forums / Re: Our weekly surf contest 2021
« Last post by MrRuste on May 08, 2021, 01:34:58 PM »
Previous week's winners
1. username hidden for security/privacy with 232clicks
2. No other winners this week

2rd through 7th no winners this week. Thank you for your activity

We are not having a surf contest for this upcoming week due to me having to be out of town and I thinking about having a small like referral contest for the next two weeks I will make the announcement thread in the forums later today but I will probably send out a newsletter.

We will able the weekly surf contest again towards the end of the referral contest, thanks.
Network Advertiser Support / !!Advertisers!!! Start Here Please
« Last post by MrRuste on May 04, 2021, 12:09:18 AM »
Hello awesome Advertisers of our network ( and welcome to the advertiser start forum post to help you get around the forums and what a not. Most of you are not going to go beyond this advertisers support forum boards but things you will learn is used throughout the forums but if you decide to become a active member of this community awesome. Thanks for joining. I am MrRuste (or Russ) and I'm the owner creator of this forums and the entire network/company thus far since the time of this post.

So first before you begin make sure you have read the rules of the forums here:

Second this thread is locked and only staff are able to post here but we are going this build this thread to be your reference for all the useful information scatter throughout the forums that maybe useful to you, the advertiser.
Third piece of info is this is a public forums so be careful what you post our staff usually good about catching info and removing it before hand but please done make extra work for our staff. If you need private support or issues with payments please use our support ticket system here:

Stuff you can ask for or find help with is credit, bugs in any of our systems issues adding/uploading/send asset and so on. You may also find your question answered in this forum board as well.

Thanks for reading and we will add things and update things as needed.

By the way I'm still doing a lot of work in the network so I'm sorry there mush here yet. 5-3-2021
Rutakus Pixel Traffic Exchange Forums / Re: Our weekly surf contest 2021
« Last post by MrRuste on May 01, 2021, 10:13:44 AM »
Previous week's winners
1. TeamJr with  356 clicks
2. No other winners this week

2rd through 7th no winners this week. Thank you for your activity

New week contest
Surf Contest week 5-1-2021 to 5-7-2021
Places and Winnings
1. First Place $0.50
2. Second Place $0.35
3. Third Place $0.25
4. Forth Place $0.10
5. Fifth Place $0.05
6. Sixth Place $0.03
7.  Seventh Place $0.01

MUST have at least 25 life time clicks/surfs in your account to qualify for a place. It's not hard to reach!
Praise Them Program Administrators / The Rules of this Board
« Last post by MrRuste on April 27, 2021, 12:31:56 AM »
Hello everyone just like always there is going to be rules LOL Sorry not Sorry. But we got to have these rules to keep things running smooth and even safe. So beside the rules of the forum which can be found here: we have some additional rules here for posting your praises, thanks and success stories for any given extra money making program out there. So with this being said here are the rules for this section of the forums.

1. Do not post your referral link(s) in you post anywhere. Your forum signature should be the only place anyone could possibly see a referral link(s) The only things you can post is payment proof screenshots or story about how successful you have been while using this program.
2. If you post a payment proof please make sure all personal information is removed from your screenshot for your safety. Such things maybe your name, email address, transaction ids or such information that hackers and scammers may want to steal as most of this forum is a public discussion/support forums.
3. Lastly don't post external links to your payment proofs like a blog/website/splash page.

Thank you. Rules can be updated as need by staff
Rutakus Pixel Downline Builder / Scarlet-Clicks (Paying/Elite)
« Last post by MrRuste on April 24, 2021, 11:32:40 AM »
Site/App/Program Title: Scarlet-Clicks
Earnings: Yes
Payment Processor(s): Skrill, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Faucetpay, Neteller, Payeer, Airtm

Information: Scarlet Clicks has been online since 2009 and currently runs on EvolutionScript. Scarlet-Clicks is seen as one of the "Elite" earning sites and has been paying for a long time too. Scarlet-Clicks even survived their Paypal account being frozen. Scarlet-Clicks has PTC ads with both set views and Fixed Ads, there is PTSU (paid-to-sign-up) section, grid ads, contests, and different types of offers/ptc walls. This is a must site to have in your earning list if you haven't done so yet.

Now here is my referral link:
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