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Forum Clean Up Time 7-31-2021

Started by MrRuste, July 31, 2021, 05:09:41 PM

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Hello everyone,

How is it going? Hopefully well. Anyways I just wanted to let your guys know I have done a major cleaning of our forums. Most threads in our trash can board which isn't accessible to everyone but still can add extra load on forums but I also cleaned out a bunch of spam accounts. So if you by chance had your account deleted you can contact us by our support email  here just remove the {} from the @ symbol admin{@r}


Nicely a spammer got in and I was able to clean up the public post for the most part. Please remember everyone I work full time and right now I'm a one person team running this forum and a network of websites. Thanks for your patience as some of the spam is pretty bad. I will be locking this thread.