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Our Business information

Started by MrRuste, March 06, 2021, 02:10:56 PM

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***First ONLY FORUM/COMPANY STAFF can post in this thread. All no staff post will be deleted. Please create a thread in the right area for support. Thank you ~~from the awesome staff**

Hello everyone and welcome to our company information post which will be located in all of our company forums to give the best current and updated information.
Owner/Creator: username: MrRuste

Our Business Registration: (Updated 6-5-2022)


I plan on renewing our business license here soon thing have been pretty tight with some of the issues we have had to deal with during this pandemic and with our current server move. please be patient with us. FYI we haven't not got any covid loans either
Thank you,
MrRuste (Owner/Creator)
Russell Lukach-Krueger


Our business license renewed see our top post in this thread to view our business registration