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WOOT SO Happy Got Our Dot INFO domain back

Started by MrRuste, March 31, 2021, 01:45:06 AM

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Hello everyone I'm so happy to announce that you all can also type in to get to the Offers and Clicks site. For those old members of the site if you still exist with in the site it's hard with out going back into old database back ups. But you guys know that Offers And Clicks used to be on dot info and we switched into to dot due to the person we bought it from scammed people and had ownership of domain. Now we will leave that story for later so you stay tuned.
Now we got it once again as I think it is the time to keep and start building the Offers And Clicks brand

You guys can type in both domains to get to the site now i.e. and they will bring you to the dot com

Thanks for reading and being active members