Bonuses For Posting Payment Proofs In Our Forums

Started by MrRuste, October 07, 2022, 04:18:08 PM

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Hello awesome Offers And Clicks members. I'm here to announce some cash bonus options for members that post their payment proof screenshots in our payment proof forums.

1. Either have your forum username given to us and added to your account notes (open support ticket to do this) or use the same username you have on the site.
2. Payment proof must be posted within 35 days from the date you receive your payment to be valid for the reward.
3. Payment proof must be posted in our payment proof sub-forum.


From today until Dec 31, 2022 rewards

The reward from 10-7-2022 until 12-31-2022 will be $0.05 added to your account balance. Must post proof with 30 days. But we will be given extra time to those who got paid before this post and will have until 11-11-2022 to post and got your reward