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Started by MrRuste, July 30, 2020, 07:41:26 PM

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Hello everyone, how is it going? I hope your all staying safe as we are doing our best to stay safe. We all have been hurting and struggle from this experience with the #Covid19 #pandemic. So, we here at Peetree Ad Network/Rust Of All Trades would like to try and do as much as well can. So Peetree Ad Network PTC/GPT websites (Offers And Clicks, Atomic PTC, Epic PTC and Biotech Simulation Clicks) are going to each run a huge purchase contest to increase income, more ads to view and I'm really hoping more activity. And while this is going on I will be doing other small contest as well to create more activity as well. I will be adding a points system into the sites soon in order to create more fun things on the site and contests. Now the other reason I'm doing this big purchase contests is to increase available ads for members to click and since right now I'm in the process of renewing my business license. I've been kind of waiting as well as I might have a partner in the business so this contest will help it look better for the business if they get involved. They might not as I want dependable people involved. Plus, I have also launched another service called Technical Support By Support ticket and I want to be able to give free tech support to low income senior citizens and people with disabilities. Everyone else current Covid19 tech support by support ticket deals $30 per ticket and 1 year subscription pricing $65 unlimited support tickets. Currently offering free MS Office Pro Plus with support ticket. We know Windows, Android, Linux, can do Mac and Apple devices. So, I might juts renew my license regardless. Anyways, Offers And Clicks, Atomic PTC and Epic PTC will all have their purchase contests end when each site reaches $3,000.  First prize for each of those site's is $300, 2nd place $200 and third place will get $100.
Biotech Simulation Clicks' purchase contest will once $1000 goal is reached. First place will get $100 second place $50 and third place will get $25. All winnings will be added into account's cash balance in which you can do what you will with either cash out or use for advertising. FYI contest is only valid for members who have accounts on each and every site you want to be counted for the purchase contest(s).

So below we will keep the updated list of members who are in the lead. Fyi some members might not want their information post in the forums. So if you one such member please open a support ticket on Offers And Clicks and we will keep you info private.

If you don't have an account create one here:

Current Offers And Clicks Purchase Contest Standings
1. {username hidden by privacy} $11
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Contest standings updated


Contest standings updated. We still only have one user placed but advertising purchases had increased. Thank you members let's keep this going. Thanks for supporting an disabled owned and equal rights business

Russ Lukach-Krueger (MrRuste)


Contest standings updated First place user is upping his/her game and purchased more thanks to all active users.